Sunday, June 6, 2010


DISCLAIMER: I am a Christian, but I am not perfect nor do I claim to be "all wise" or "all knowing". My goal in sharing this is simply to provide my brothers and sisters in Christ with the facts. If you disagree with my thoughts....then, you disagree. I'm okay with that!

Most of today’s church practices have no biblical foundation, and in some cases, hinder people from having a genuine experience with God.

■ Church buildings were initially constructed under the Roman emperor Constantine, around 327. The early Christian church met in homes.

■ The pulpit was a piece of stagecraft borrowed from Greek culture in which professional speakers delivered monologues in public debates. There is no evidence that Jesus, the apostles, or other leaders in the early Church used a pulpit; it seems to have been introduced into Christian circles in the mid-third century.

■ The order of worship originated in the Roman Catholic Mass under the leadership of Pope Gregory in the sixth century.

■ Preaching a sermon to an audience was ushered into the church world late in the second century. Sermons were an extension of the activity of the Greek sophists, who had mastered the art of rhetorical oratory.

■ There were no pastors, as an official or director of a group of believers, until sometime in the second century. That was eventually furthered by the practice of ordination, which was based upon the prevailing Roman custom of appointing men to public office.

The biblical approach to "communion" or the "Lord’s Supper," was truncated late in the second century from a full, festive communal meal without clergy officiating to the presently common habit of having a sip of wine and morsel of bread (or juice and a wafer) under the guidance of a recognized clergyman.

Chances are you won't hear that on Sunday morning. That would spoil everything!

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