Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Take It Or Leave It.

Take the body alive and active. Leave the upside down hierarchical triangle.

Take leadership. Leave the profession.

Take the heart to heart sharing. Leave the sitting and soaking.

Take the royal priesthood. Leave the priestly royalty.

Take heartfelt giving. Leave guilt inducing legalism.

Take what He says. Leave what they say He's saying.

Take the fellowship and tend it. Leave the business and forget about it.

Take the programs, plans, and committees and toss them. Leave the process behind.

Take the freedom and life and embrace it. Leave better than you came.

Take your heart and place it on His altar..............leave it there.

I refuse to play this game we continue to play. God's people = THE CHURCH.

Membership is by grace alone!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What If......

What if things could be better?

What if we have been wrong all this time?

What if all that seemed so very much "of God" really had very little to do with Him at all?

What if we really took a little more time and looked a little deeper?

What if we found answers that didn't quite line up with the "popular" line of thought?

What would we do? Would we change? Would we cower? Would we let go of the traditions or cling to our comfort zone? What if it meant everything would have to change?

Would we be willing to throw out the baby, the bath water.......and the tub?

What if I quit speaking in "weird riddle language" and just said what I mean?

Well........half of the people would just get mad at me and think me to be a trouble maker. The other half.......would just think I'm way out of touch with the truth.

So for now.......I'll just keep it to myself.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Being lost is impossibly hard. You want to be found so very badly, but you don't know how to make it happen. It's like being surrounded by a thick fog without any idea of which way to turn. There are no exit signs, no bread crumbs and no light houses to lead you to safety. You dare not move lest your situation grow worse (if that's possible). So, you sit and watch the fog continually swirl around your head. "Lostness" cripples you with fear and indecision. It mockingly suggests that your situation will never change and deliverance is a word reserved for everyone.....but you! I am in this place and I despise it. I can't seem to hear a voice behind me saying, "this is the way, walk in it". I can't see beyond my eyelashes. My mind is a jumble of "could haves"and "should haves". I do not know where to turn, what to say, or even what to pray. I am lost.

"These are the places I was so sure I'd find Him. I've looked in the pages, and I've looked down on my knees. I've waited in great expectation, to see the sun still refusing to shine."