Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama, Hitler, and Rotten Trees

A friend of mine recently put up a picture on "facebook" of a shirt that said, "Keep Calm and Vote Obama". Let me tell you about what happens when you "Keep calm".

In the 1940's, Hitler worked hard to keep his plan to consume Europe and annihilate the Jews quiet. Why? America and the world would not have tolerated it. Even when he began to overtake parts of Europe, Leaders like Neville Chamberlain of Britain wanted to "talk it out". The result: World War 2 and the deaths of millions of innocent people.

Today, Iran's Ahmadinejad has proudly proclaimed to the world at the UN his plan to do the same to our allies in Israel. In fact, he has done this on three separate occasions. Obama's response? Let's try more diplomacy. Folks you cannot "talk it out" with power thirsty dictators and extremists! Again, ask Neville Chamberlain how that worked out with Hitler.

America cannot take another four years of apathy and weakness. To do so would be to hand this world over to those who want nothing more than complete global domination.

On a different note….

Christian: Stop lying to yourself pretending God is okay with your support of liberal candidates. God is STILL against abortion and homosexuality, and His heart continues to beat strongly for His people in Israel. Yes indeed He loves people (including homosexuals and abortion doctors), but do not think you will get some kind of pat on the rump from your heavenly "daddy" because you wanted your way more than His. How can you continue to support those who endlessly challenge God? Such foolishness is expected from the world, but from those who supposedly claim Christ as Savior? The truth is, either you are completely deceived, overwhelmingly ignorant of God's word, or just plain lost.

Bottom line: A tree is known by its fruit. Rotten fruit…rotten tree.

Again, stop lying to yourself. If you can honestly say you support abortion and homosexuality, you're not His.  By that, I mean your heart is not in sync with His.  You cannot be yours and His...it's that whole "can't serve two masters" thing.  Are you lost?  Maybe, but that is not my call to make regardless of what appearances may reveal.  Although, I certainly would spend some time working through that.  It's kind of important you know.

Don't like what you're reading?

Better to hear it now from me than when you stand before Him later...or sooner.