Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxes and God Don't Mix!!!

Well.........It's December 27th and I must say a lot has changed in the last few months (especially my mind). The Lord has taken me through some rather challenging times of late. I guess I would even venture to call it a "wilderness" experience. I only say that because I've been here before and it feels.......familiar. A few months ago I left Trinty and unfortunately I carried more than a little anger and bitterness with me. I came to the place where I had decided everything about the modern church was screwed up and unbiblical. Today, I'm fairly sure I was the one that was "screwed up". Now, I must admit I do still believe we (the church) have missed it in a lot of ways, but I'm afraid things aren't quite as cut and dry as I made them out to be. The truth is, I'm just not as smart or as wise as I'd like to think. When a man gets to the point in life that he thinks he has it all figured, he's surely entered into a state of being out of his mind and probably out of proper fellowship with the Lord. A heart full of bitterness and hurt will never be able to properly receive or apply God's truth. It is only when our hearts have been cleansed by the love and forgiveness of our Lord that we can truly begin to see as He sees. Looking back I realize I was doing the very thing I was so adamantly against. I put God in my own little box and declared that to be His heart for His people. Well........That was wrong and I repent. I repent of my failure (again) to recognize that our Father is bigger, smarter, and far greater than His "to big for their britches" children! Who am I to determine how the mighty God of the universe works. The truth is He works however, whenever, wherever, and through whomever He decides. His ways are far beyond our ways and NO man (especially a little man like me) could ever put Him in a box!

PS. Yes Trinity made a bad move, but the Lord still loves them dearly and so should I.