Sunday, December 6, 2009

Being that no one reads this anyway, I figure why not just be honest.

Question: What in the heck has happened to the body of Christ?

What has happened to the church? Is it now a building? A club? Is it all budgets and long winded fancy sounding monologues laced with intelligent sounding speech? Is it about standing up and sitting down at the right time? Is it an order of service? Is it a group of committees that meet and talk about the Godly sounding "stuff" we're going to do for God?

I could go on, and on, and on.......

Am I the only guy in this whole stinking world that feels this way?????

So what do you do when you just can't stomach it anymore? Oh, I'm sure anyone reading this would think me to be a cocky guy. I can hear it now, "He really thinks he knows better than everyone else." "Mr. know it all!!!" ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I HAVE NO CLUE ANYMORE!!!! ZIPPO, ZERO, NOTTA, NO CLUE!!!! Just because my cup of religion "runneth over", does not mean I know how to get it together. I DON'T! I just can't help but feel that we are sorely missing the point! By the way, I am part of that "we"!!!! As a matter of fact I love being a part of the "we". I love the "church". Not the building, but the people! I just want us to know the truth about what this is really all about. Heck, I want to know what this is really all about. If it's about something other than knowing Jesus....then I 'm just cluless.

Please know that this is simply a cry from the heart of a guy whose searching and struggling. If you read this and use what I've said for ill purposes....well, I guess you just don't get it!