Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tithing....any thoughts

As I stated in an earlier blog entry, I can be quite controversial. Read at your own risk!

In my last blog, I challenged each of us to begin to consider "why" we believe "what" we believe. Well, this time I'm asking for some input in regard to a particular issue.

As you (and I) know, each and every Sunday a small number of individuals make there way through the ranks of the congregation with polished metal plates. As the plates are passed from row to row, people place various amounts of funds into these plates. These funds are generally termed as being "tithes" and "offerings".

My question is this: Is tithing still applicable to the modern church under the new covenant established by God through our Lord Jesus Christ?

Regardless of your answer, would you PLEASE take the time to share with me "why" you believe "what" you believe?

There's ALWAYS a reason for such lines of thought!