Saturday, April 10, 2010

The tale of "Boo" and the goober.

Seventeen years ago, on a day very much like today, a young gal known only as "Boo" completely lost her mind and married a goober of monumental proportions. It is said that she chose this fate of her own volition, but many believe something far more sinister was at hand. Some say she wanted his money (but unfortunately, he had none). Some declare it was his irresistible "animal magnetism" (but as I said, he was a goober). Yet, most claim it was his shiny, red truck that she fell in love with. Regardless of her reasoning (or lack thereof), she did indeed marry this poor soul (as I've already money) and attempted to carve out a life with him.

Today, "Boo" is still married to the goober. Throughout the years she discovered that he would probably never end up with very much money, and she has yet to see anything even remotely close to "animal magnetism" (unless you consider a fat belly "magnetic"). She even went as far as to procreate with the goober and bring four additional goobers into the world (trust me....they are goobers!).

BUT, don't feel too sorry for her. She still has the red truck (although it's not very shiny anymore), and more importantly, the love of a goober who is so very glad that seventeen years ago, a young gal completely lost her mind and married a......well, you know.

Love ya "Boo"!


Jenny said...

One of the coolest fairy tales ever!

Terri said...

You are a goober! Good thing I love you! You totally crack me up which is one of those things that makes you irresistable. That, AND you cook my breakfast every morning. Yuuuuummmmmmm, I smell ham.