Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ken, What's your "beef" with pastors?

A fine question indeed! If you're ACTUALLY reading this, you've probably read my posts over the last few weeks and pondered that thought. Well, after much prodding, I have finally found a way to share more than a limited post on Facebook. Hopefully, this will allow me to go into more detail regarding my "techno jargon"!

If "pastoring" is an office and not a gift, why do we not find this word being used in the New Testament in it's singular form. Not only do we not find it in its singular form, but we never find that word being used to describe any individual. We do find elders/overseers/bishops and deacons, but not pastors. Both Paul and Peter exhort the elders (plural) to "shepherd" the people, but these men are never referred to as "pastors". Also, it is important to note that you will never find anything that even remotely resembles the modern day pastor in the New Testament. Even if you do truly believe "pastoring" is an office, you could never biblically justify the "CEO"model that exists in the position of the modern day "pastor".

Now before I go any further, let me make it completely clear that I am not against these guys nor do I have an "ax to grind" with any particular "pastor". Actually, I deeply respect and care for them especially the one serving my own family (so quit thinking I hate Keith...I DON'T). These guys work their tail off and go through more bull than most folks ever could imagine. Although it may not seem so, I would consider myself to be one of their greatest advocates. How you may ask? Well, if "pastoring"(especially what we demand positionally of modern pastors) is indeed outside the boundaries of what scripture teaches, we are forced to admit that we have required far more of these brothers than the Lord would ever have approved of. The truth is it is far easier to dump our responsibility to be ministers of the Gospel off on "hired guns". Oh yes, we may volunteer in some capacity to "help" the real ministers, but that falls far short of embracing our God given call to be ministers of the Gospel, a "Royal Priesthood"! Like it or not, our continued reliance upon "professional" clergy leaves most of the body of Christ in a state of apathetic dependence while heaping unrealistic demands and pressure upon the shoulders of a passionate few!

If we truly want to see the body of Christ "come alive" in the fullness God desires, we must return to a biblical model of leadership. Only then will we begin to see our places of work, schools, and communities in general transformed by the power of the living God.

If you disagree, I would challenge you to return to your bible. Search out for YOURSELF what our King has to say. You do not need commentaries or the "wisdom" of theologians. God has declared, "But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul." Deuteronomy 4:29. You have the Holy Spirit who will lead you into all truth.

It is not my goal to be considered "right". My heart simply desires that we become the "Royal Priesthood" God has declared us to be. I am convinced this can not happen until we refuse man contrived traditionalism and once again embrace that which God has ordained for His children and for the fulfillment of His purposes!


Allen said...

I understand exactly what you are saying Ken! All who are members of Christ's Kingdom need to be spreading the Truth, and living out the love, of our King! Apathy truly has taken hold of many, but definitely not all, within the Kingdom! I just wanted to let you know that I understand what you are saying! You are advocating that ALL within the body of Christ AWAKEN to our duties as a "Royal Priesthood!! (1Peter 2:9)" I concur! :-)

Adam said...

Ken, it has been so exciting to me the things you have been saying over the past few weeks. These things are what God has also been stirring up in me and the people around me. We have been lulled to sleep in our complacent, traditionalist, religious legalism and we continue to stay attached to it like an drug inducing IV line...taking it in and refusing to rip it out to live the lives God has truly called us to. God is still sanctifying me and it is still continuing to sink in as I awake from this slumber. Thanks for your willingness to speak up, brother!!!

Stephanie said...

Ok. So this brings me to another question for you. What do you propose we do to change this? How do we change tradition? This is what I want to know. I have found no way to change tradition.

Kent said...


Wow call'em what you want, check out this list. I belive we are dealing with semantics on this. I look more to the word "Preacher" instead of Pastor.

abbey, archbishop, bishop, blackcoat, cardinal, cassock, chaplain, churchperson, cleric, clerk, curate, dean, divine, ecclesiast, ecclesiastic, evangelist, father, missionary, monsignor, padre, parson, pastor, person of God, person of the cloth, pontiff, preacher, predicant, priest, primate, pulpitarian, pulpiteer, rabbi, rector, reverend, sermonizer, shepherd, vicar