Sunday, December 29, 2013

Save the World…Be the Parent

Dear parent, you have the right to control every single aspect of your child's life. You get to call the shots, because you pay the bills.

You have the right to tan your kid's rear when they talk to you like a dog and act like a fool. You deserve respect....and you pay the bills.

You have the right to check your kid's cell phone, iPod, tablet, computer, or any other electronic device they use in life any time you choose. These items are privileges. They are wants, not needs. If they whine about "their rights" and "their privacy" cordially remind them of their position within the family structure and take their junk. Next time, they'll think twice before objecting to your "rude intrusion". Remember, you can because you bought their stuff and the bills.

At the end of the day, your child relies on you for every single thing in life. You have the right to say no to anything and everything. Contrary to popular opinion, they don't get a vote and they do not possess the wisdom to live the way they choose, or make their own decisions. So, feel free to say no as often as you like because the bills.

Most of the time, kids act like idiots because we allow it and put up with their stupidity. It does not take long for them to realize you are a sucker and will let them act like an idiot. Like I said, they're not wise, but they're not dumb! By the way, notice I said "act" like idiots. They can choose, but you must "guide" that decision.

We need to lose this sad idea that our job in this life is to keep our kids happy and smiling. It is not. First and foremost, your job is to be your child's parent, not their buddy. Love your kids. Love them with every fiber of your being and make sure they know it, but if you're playing "the sucker", toughen up. Will they like it? Heck no! They'll kick, scream, whine, and fight you every step of the way, but somewhere down the line, they'll likely thank you.

Folks, we have enough worthless, lazy people in the world that really believe the world owes them something. It does not, and most of not pay the bills!

Want to save the world from the prevailing freeloader mentality that permeates much of American society? Be the parent!

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